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What gets your energy moving when you feel stuck?

We’ve had another week of big energy with a sh*t ton of solar flares (some X level) and CME’s. What this basically means is the energy the sun is throwing off is BIG and can really affect all living things on earth and are followed by geomagnetic storms several days later. Both can affect humans, animals and of course our energy grids, radio transmissions and other technology.

If you’ve been feeling head-achy, nauseous, anxious, stuck, angry for no reason, mildly depressed or body achy, these are all ways that our body can react to these blasts of energy. Your pets may be acting a bit differently too.

I’ve definitely been feeling it and combined with the shadow period of the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, my shadows have been coming up big time to be addressed and healed.

It’s been an interesting process re-integrating back here. At first I thought that it was just like coming back after vacation and no big deal. But has time has gone on, the contrast between who I was when I left, and who I am now, has been showing up in nuance and in flat out slap-me-in-the-face moments!

So as I’m restructuring my life and habits to better match me now, and open up the space for the new, I’m needing to do things to help me get my energy moving.

And as a former professional organizer, I know that someone’s environment is an indicator of their state of mind.

Your environment can include not only your physical space, but your systems, habits, and even your technology.

When things are tidy and organized, energy flows because it’s not getting stopped or absorbed by “stuff.” My habits have changed, and some have gotten lost in all the transitions I’ve had in the last year.

Visually, I had some things that didn’t feel orderly in my spaces (bedroom, bathroom, desktop and the dedicated kitchen space I have). Remember I’m renting a room in a house in Draper, Utah right now, so I don’t have a whole house that’s mine. So I started there and got some things to help give a little more structure and support like:

  • folding shelves - so I can easily move them when I leave here

  • a tiny electric teapot and coffee center in my large bathroom so I don’t have to go upstairs to the kitchen for coffee and tea. And yes, the toilet and shower are in a separate room with a door.

  • a small non-stick skillet because the ones in the house were worn out and it was frustrating every time I used them to have food sticking to the pan

  • another clothing purge with the few things I brought that weren’t working like ballet style slippers that dug into the back of my heel or tops that have too much polyester in them and create a lot of static

Next I created a list of 3-4 intentions in four areas of my personal life for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months out (thanks to the idea from TikTok creator Magdalena):

  1. Home and Family

  2. Love and Romance

  3. Health

  4. Wealth

I’m currently working on something similar for my business and am being held accountable by my daughters to get these plans completed and action taken.

Then I really took at look at my computer. Now just for context, I deleted THOUSANDS of emails, pictures and files when I started the major downsizing to move to my Phase 1 bedroom rental before my move to Mexico.

And then right before I moved to Mexico, I did another big purge since I had to replace my computer and moved from Windows to Mac. I also digitized 98% of my most important papers and keepsakes – things like taxes, my kid’s drawings and stuff from their childhood (taking pics and letting the object go).

Now I’m tackling these:

  • reorganizing my apps and deleting ones that I am not finding useful

  • making more rules for my emails

  • doing a long overdue maintenance purge of emails, pics, browser toolbar favorites, and files

  • unsubscribing to email lists, especially those that were an offshoot from some other things I may have subscribed to

It’s going to take a few weeks to work through all that! AND, with each thing that gets done, I can feel space open up for new things and opportunities to present themselves.

I'm asking these questions to all the stuff that comes in my "space" or before I make any purchases, "Is it just something I'm adding to help me feel good in the moment, is it a distraction or does it really contribute to my life in an aligned way?"

I’m putting some new habits in place to support this like adding in when bills are due onto my calendar even though I have a spreadsheet for them, calendaring in maintenance reminders for purging my emails and files, simplifying my skincare routine, keeping up on my new walking routine that I started in Mexico, working out, and doing breathwork on a regular basis, etc.

Dragon Ganesh Obsidian
My work desk buddies - Dragon (year of the Dragon - adds fire energy), Ganesh (remove obstacles), and a chunk of Yucatan obsidian that was a gift from my friend Sol in Mexico (healing, grounding, absorb and transmute negative energy, deep spiritual connections)

And most importantly, I’m looking at the places where my energy feels drained, where things are misaligned, don’t fit or are “itchy”, and where my beliefs, ego-mind and conditioning are trying to run the show so I can shift those elements as well.

I’m ridding myself of the stagnant energy that all of those things carry.

I’m showing Spirit/Universe/God/Source that I’m serious about releasing those things that don’t work for me anymore and am ready for the next phase.

Springtime is the perfect time to do this as the land is opening up and birthing new life in plants and animals and weather.

Now I’ve given you tons of ideas. Are there ones that feel aligned with you? Perhaps you need to give yourself permission to rest more, judge yourself less or purge your closet.

I’d love to hear what you’re inspired to do!

And if you'd like to book a breathwork session, I'm running some special offers through the month of May to support you! Just click here to read more about them!

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