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Blue Skies

Somatic Release Breathwork


Listening to Music
Candles & Plants

Body Connection

The Breathwork Sessions help you to:

  • Connect with the places in your body where you are holding trauma, emotions and energy that are keeping you stuck and holding on, and clear them out

  • Connect with your soul, your purpose and your heart

  • Bring in and receive clarity, peace, alignment, and a greater sense of yourSelf

This is a different process from coaching, and totally compliments it.


There is no mental component - the process is designed to use breathing techniques to stay in the body to reach those places that are outside of thinking, in the energetic and electrical systems where things are stored and held.

When we have not expressed or discharged them, they continue to affect us in through repeating patterns, mental gymnastics (trying to figure out why you keep doing things), and unconscious reactions.

By bringing them up and out, we can show up differently, and choose a different direction for ourselves.

You in?

Each session is 90 minutes and can be done in person or virtually, 1:1 or in a group.

Step into this powerful session!

1:1 Virtual Session - $225

Groups - Price varies

Ninoshka Natareno

Jody did an amazing job explaining everything. She was clear and thoughtful, making me feel comfortable and safe. I didn't have to worry about making mistakes because she was there guiding me the whole time.

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