Are You in Alignment?

Hi there!


I'm Jody, a Soul Alignment Coach, and I teach, guide and support you on your journey of self-discovery and aligning with your Soul.


How do you know when you are not aligned?  You already know. Maybe not consciously, and maybe you haven't admitted it to yourself, but you can feel it and you know.


If you find yourself feeling frustrated, disconnected, resentful and filled with self-doubt, or if you're exhausted because of repeating patterns that keep you spinning, and you can intuitively feel that you're moving away from instead of moving into your passions, and purpose, then you've been drawn to the right place.

I can help you step into being the powerful, authentic and divine soul that you are.


​If you're looking for alignment, flow and simplicity in your life, I can help you. Schedule a 30-minute Alignment Session! 


Please, only set this up if you are serious about moving forward in your life. I appreciate your integrity with this.


“Jody can intuitively identify when a veil of false, limiting beliefs is overshadowing breakthrough opportunities for growth.


She uses creative tools to bring you back to center, creating a pathway for you to forge new territory.”