Are You "in Alignment"?

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Hi there!

I'm Jody, a Soul Alignment Coach, and I help women who are feeling lost and unbalanced come back to their center by teaching, guiding and supporting you on your journey of aligning with your Soul.

How do you know when you are not aligned?  You already know. Maybe not consciously, and maybe you haven't admitted it to yourself, but you can feel it and you know.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, disconnected, resentful, judgmental, triggered, filled with self-doubt, or exhausted because of:

  • repeating patterns that keep you spinning

  • relationships that aren't working

  • not knowing you who are anymore, but don't know what the next meaningful chapter looks like

  • intuitively feeling that you're moving away from instead of moving into your passions, and purpose

then you've been drawn to the right place.

My Soul Alignment process includes moving through these 8 areas of empowerment.

Energy overlays everything. The green areas are of discovery and understanding.


And the purple areas are where transformation and alignment occurs.

I can help you step into being the powerful, authentic and divine soul that you are:

  • You will discover and uncover the real you, not the mask that you've worn due to conditioning, expectations and false beliefs about yourself

  • Relationships become deeper and more authentic, and you see who you really want to surround yourself with

  • You show up more powerfully in your work or career because you are now aligned with what works for YOU

  • People see and experience you differently - as a more confident and shining soul


​If you're looking for alignment, flow and simplicity in your life, I can help you. Schedule a no cost 30-minute Alignment Session! 


Please, only set this up if you are serious about moving forward in your life. I appreciate your integrity with this.


“As each layer is removed we find ourselves awed and inspired by the light within, seeing who we really are and the work we’re truly meant to do - gaining strength, clarity, confidence to go live our best and boldest life according to our very soul.


 Jody teaches you how to hear it, see it, listen to it, honor it and how to bring it out into the world fearlessly.