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Meet Jody
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Live simply, live authentically

Meet Jody Owen - Soul Alignment Coach

Hi there!

I'm Jody, a Soul Alignment Coach, and I help (mostly) women who are feeling lost and unbalanced come back to their center by teaching, guiding and supporting you on your journey of aligning with your Soul.


I help you answer the questions, "Who am I and why am I here?"

And I do the same for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs - I dive into what the business is, the impact it's creating, and simplifying the day to day workings so it's easier to run your business.


Growing up, I always felt like a black sheep.  I just didn't fit in, and kept hiding my light.  Now I realize that being different is a great quality.

After a LOT of digging and healing, I now embrace all of my gifts, abilities and energy, and I want that for you too!  I​ believe that we can co-create a powerful and purposeful life when we are aligned with our own Soul frequency.


Let me be clear--when I coach, I don't sugarcoat or allow you to lie to yourself.  I will be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest bullshit buster! I guide you through and hold a safe space for your breakdowns and breakthroughs.

My work requires you to be courageous. I reach the heart of the matter very quickly and my approach is deep, powerful, and intense work.


I'm not a fixer, I'm an opportunity opener. I help you get the clarity you need and the alignment you desire to navigate your journey from a place of empowerment and flow.

Why Alignment

Why Alignment?

It can help with




It's hard to see your opportunities for growth on your own. I guide you through the tough spots so you can overcome those things that are keeping you spinning and stuck.


Relationships are better when we show up as our real selves, without the masks we sometimes wear. You can shine our light when you are living as your authentic and aligned self.


Creating healthy boundaries can help with feelings of victim, low self-esteem and loss of power.


Step into your unique expression, and be able to own your value, no matter what you do. And align your business to its purpose and mission too!


Alignment will help you feel centered, supported, connected and in-tune. You live more authentically and experience your life journey YOUR way.



We all have a purpose for being here. And our stuff can get in the way of expressing that. Alignment naturally clears out what doesn't contribute to our purpose so we can fulfill on a bigger life mission.

Alignment is the process of matching the frequency, the vibration, of your unique soul expression and releasing all that is not that.


“As each layer is removed we find ourselves awed and inspired by the light within, seeing who we really are and the work we’re truly meant to do - gaining strength, clarity, confidence to go live our best and boldest life according to our very soul.


Jody teaches you how to hear it, see it, listen to it, honor it and how to bring it out into the world fearlessly.”

— Christine Bailey



Individual single sessions, individual programs, ongoing coaching, and group coaching

Tidy Desk


Online self-paced or hybrid with coaching options


Breathwork Sessions

Somatic Breathwork sessions to compliment coaching

or on their own


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