Are You in Alignment?

I help people and businesses align with their Soul and create flow in their lives and businesses.  A Soul Alignment Coach.  (And yes, even businesses have a soul!)

Since I was 15 years old I've wanted to dig deeper into who I am and why I'm here. It's been a journey of discovery where I've realized that I'm here to help others on their journey back to themselves.  

In my years of coaching, I've found that when we don't have clarity and aren't aligned to our soul, things seem so complicated and hard. 

And what do we get out of this? 

  • frustration, anger and resentment

  • health issues

  • repeating patterns that keep us spinning or ping-ponging instead of moving forward

  • self-doubt and shame

  • moving away from our passions and purpose

It doesn't have to be that way! 


​I am on a mission to help people to:

See themselves as powerful, purposeful and divine

and to

align and simplify


Whether coaching, consulting, or doing out-of-the-box energy work, I look for where things line up to create a path that is simple and empowering.  I've learned what works.


When you are aligned with your Values, Soul, Purpose and Why, things like simplicity, clarity, form and flow naturally show up!

How do you know when you, or your business, are not aligned? Let me count the ways...but you probably already know.  Maybe not consciously, and maybe you haven't admitted it yet, but you know. 

Mostly, things just seem off. There's no flow, lots of triggers, and little joy.  Things just seem difficult.

How would it be for you if things just worked? Big question, right?


Want to have things be aligned and simple?  If you do, then schedule a 30-minute Alignment Session to see where you are aligned - or not - and see if we're a fit to get you there! 


Please, only set this up if you are seriously considering moving forward in your life and are ready to make an investment in yourself.  This is not a free coaching call, but rather a get to know you call. I appreciate your integrity in this process.


“We covered more in a couple of hours than I've been able to do by myself in 8 months! Jody really got to the heart of my challenges.”