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Soulful Systems

Image by Marissa Grootes
Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Rhythms and Routines

Systems help us take the pressure off of our brains to keep everything organized and moving along.


And yet, a lot of people really get hung up about creating them.  It's too hard, they don't know how and it seems waaay to big!

If a process is not set up that's in alignment with you, it won't get used. So let's do it a different way.


In this short course, I'll teach you several ways to follow your own rhythms to create routines and processes that work for you in an easy, soulful way.

No pushing your way through, just following the flow.

And if you need some help, you can always set up a session for us to work through it together!


Systems and routines can free up the space in your mind so you can be more present.
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