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Are You Committed to Up-Leveling Yourself and Living Your Life Powerfully Aligned with Your Soul?

Then join the Soul Alignment Conscious Cohort!

The Soul Alignment Conscious Cohort program  is here to help you become more aligned with your Divine Soul’s purpose!


Creating and Powerful You - now that you are more consciously aligned with your Self, we will begin the journey of solidifying that in your life through Mastery. Mastery will move you from wants, need-to’s and should’s to second-hand nature.


The  program is designed with 3 sections:

  • Values and Inner Guidance

  • Authenticity 

  • Creating a Powerful You 

Each section feeds into the next and starts with your values and inner guidance.

Values and Inner Guidance - along with your Divine Soul’s purpose, a conscious awareness of your values and inner guidance provides the foundation for being authentic. 

Authenticity - we will see how and when you may be hiding behind a mask, and not living in alignment with your soulful values, purpose and expression. I'll work to help you become aligned and move into integrity with your Self. 

What would that mean for you? 

Living life more powerfully!

Let’s take a closer look …



When we are out of alignment, that’s when things start to go haywire and we can experience things like:



  • chronic pain and illnesses

  • depression

  • stress

  • bad relationships

  • general unhappiness


Things in our life or business don’t seem to flow like they should and it seems like everything is a struggle!

How many times have we heard about 2nd chapter stories where someone lived a miserable working life and then later on took a 180-degree turn, and now are the happiest they’ve ever been?!  It's because they became more aligned.

Once you create your Personal Value System, you can live more authentically and take off the mask!






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Section 1:  Values and Inner Guidance

  1. Why alignment is important and how to use your Inner Guidance to help you be truthful with yourself

  2. Getting clearer on your values by looking at them through the lenses of money and time

  3. Creating Your Personal Value System (PVS) by uncovering:

    • Your most important Core Value,

    • Your 3 critical Enabling Values

    • Your most important Influencing Value 

  4. Locking in your PVS

Our values and inner guidance drive how we interact in our world.

Your life will tell you when you’re not in alignment.

The question is,  "Are you listening? "


Section 2:  Focus on Authenticity

  1. Why do people struggle with authenticity? 

  2. Defining the influences in your life that may keep you from living authentically 

  3. Persona (masks) vs. Our Divine Self

  4. Becoming More Real


If you’re truthful with yourself, can you see where you might be living a part of your life in an way that is not aligned with the depths of your soul?  

What’s that costing you?

Your soul is crying out to you to

get back into alignment so you can

express your Divine Purpose more fully

If you’re feeling like there’s something that ‘s not quite right, its probably because you’re out of alignment somewhere. We can change that now and move on to:

Section 3:  A New You! 

  1. Your Future Self 

  2. Mastery Road Map Overview

  3. Experiencing Gratification Differently

  4. Mastery Disruptors

  5. Long-term Mindset

  6. How I'm Feeling

Going through this journey can help you figure things out, live your life differently, give you tools to navigate everything and and empower your choices to stay on track.

You won’t be going through this journey alone.


I’ll be there to guide you, support you,

and cheer you on!

And since it is a group program, it won’t just be me.  I’ve designed this group to be intimate and personal. 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not living your best life, and have been inspired to make a change, then this is time time and place to get started.

It's a safe place to learn and grow.

My Personal Journey Through the Program

Working with Jody was such a gift and was life changing for me. I now have so much more clarity on where I'm heading, what my mission is, and the unique gifts I offer in the world.


Jody helped me realize that I really can bring my authentic self to my business and have FUN, rather than trying to fit into boxes or do things the “right” way.  I’m doing things my own authentic way, and that has created so much more peace, flow and ease for me and my business.

Courtney Long


When I personally went through the program to beta test it and see if from the perspective of my clients, I had significant breakthroughs!

Yes, breakdowns and then breakthroughs!

I’ve committed to new areas of Mastery in my life and actually pivoted my business to be more aligned with my Divine Soul Purpose. It also meant giving up a title that I had been attached to. People didn’t “get me” and I was weary from wearing the mask. My energy was being drained, the joy in my life and my health were compromised.

And my Soul was suffering. BIG TIME!

Stepping back and letting go immediately relieved me of a significant amount of stress and mental gymnastics.  Since then I have felt the release of tension and it's as if I've had an energetic chiropractor work on my body and my life.

I am now authentically a Soul Alignment Coach!

If you know you are here to be a light, but you're not living that way, then this is for you!

Soul Alignment - insta.png

Here's the Scoop on the


Soul Alignment

Group Coaching Program

  • 14 Group Sessions

  • One-on-One Personal Session for each group member midway through the course

  • Worksheets and Templates

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 4 Follow-up Group Sessions after the course ends to help you stay empowered in your Mastery

  • 1 Exit Personal Session at the end to help you continue to powerfully move forward

  • Intimate Group - no more than 6 participants

This group program is a mashup of Group Sessions, a Journey of Learning and Personal 1:1 Coaching--different than how most programs are run!

Yes! I want to live my life more powerfully!
Say Yes! to living your life powerfully aligned with your Soul.

Schedule a call with me using the button below to see what this program could mean for you!


I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation you will experience for yourself and can't wait to talk with you!

Yes! I want to schedule a call and live my life powerfully!

Questions? Contact me at

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