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Honoring Your Soul and

the Soul of Your Business

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Soulful Systems

Systems create simplicity and flow. PERIOD.

Whether in your heartful home or soul-aligned business, systems allow you to put your mind at ease, because you know how things are going to move along, you can count on things being done consistently and you don't have to wrack your brain trying to remember all the moving pieces.

But people sometimes shy away from creating them because they think it is hard, or too much work, or the process is not aligned with them.


Soulful systems gives you the tools to easily and  confidently create the systems and procedures you need, big or small.  I teach you 3 main processes and then show you how you can also mix it up and use two to customize the process to you and how you think and move your energy.

It is an online, go-at-your-own-pace course, plus a workbook with templates and written instructions.

And if you decide that you still want someone to support and guide you, you can always book a session with me!


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The Heart of Your
Soul Aligned Business

There is a beating heart to your business.  It is the baseline functions that allow your heart-centered business to run smoothly. 


So many times soul-preneurs jump the gun and just start selling their product or service without the foundation to support serving their clients or being able to scale their growth.


If you don't set your business up to be a real entity, it can ruin your credibility and cause your business to implode.

In this course, you will learn how to create your soulful business from the ground up, or if you are already in business, you can go back and fill in the missing pieces to solidify your foundation.


You will be making some real decisions based on practical steps as well as using your intuition. We cover getting clear on your why (and message), making your soulful business "real" though the basic legal filings (what and how), who to add to your soulful team (why and when), and money mastery.

It is delivered in an easy online format with an accompanying workbook to help you along and guide you through. And if you want my help, you can book a session and I can help you too!


Let's set your soul aligned business up to succeed!




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