Soul Alignment Code for Business

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Soul Alignment Code

A unique way to create your brand and empower you as the leader in your business.

A hybrid of online lessons plus live sessions with an experienced and powerful coach and guide!

What is it?

The Soul Alignment Code is like a "charter" for your business. It powerfully declares:

  • who you are being in your soulful business

  • what your business stands for

  • why it exists

  • the impact it will make

  • the business' own persona to inform the whole brand experience

It is a flexible touchstone to remind you about your guiding principles and your business' soulful alignment as you grow


It also helps your team understand and become more aligned with your business and its expression.

THE GOLD IS IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING IT. You will be doing your own personal soulful work as you step into being the light you want to express through your business.  This the most powerful part of the program!

The Soul Alignment Code program is a very robust hybrid of online learning and live coaching that is built on bringing out the essence of how you are expressing your light, creativity, gifts and purpose through your business, and translating that into something that attracts your tribe easily. 


You will gain so much clarity on what your who you are, what your business is, the value it provides, your tribe and the uniqueness that separates you from others!


Plus we reveal the persona of your soulful business. It is an amazing and powerful part of your soul-aligned business that is like a partner to help you in decision making, aligning offers, creating your brand experience and attracting your tribe.

The experience

You will learn about the sections online and then we have a coaching session for clarification, deep-dives, and processing. 


Expect that you will be challenged to move your personal development to a whole new level as well.  In creating your powerful heartful business, you are also doing the same for yourself, and you will learn how your unique and individual perspective is your greatest business asset!

Who is it for?

Solo and small business owners who know the importance of having a business that is heartful, aligned to its purpose (and yours) and is so clearly expressed that your tribe will know that you are right for them. You may either be an established soulful business who wants more clarity, or just starting out.

If you're not ready to face your own stuff, be coachable, shine your light through your business, and want to keep hiding and making excuses, this isn't for you (right now anyway).  Because even though we are working on building your Soul Alignment Code for your business, you will be doing much more inner work than you ever thought.

If you are ready to live aligned and on purpose and have clarity around how that plays out through your business as your create, build and grow, then this is for you!

Here's the deets:
  • Online lessons:

    • Tribe

    • Business Soul Persona

    • Soul-preneur Declarations

    • Purposeful Biz Foundation

    • Foundation / Soul Alignment Code document

    • Brand Expression and Touchstones

    • Brand Board

  • Bonuses:

    • Building Your Soulful Community

    • Heartful Offers

    • Aligned Team

    • Managing Time & Energy

    • Systems and Completion

  • 14 live coaching sessions to move you through the material and your breakdowns and breakthroughs and beyond

  • A 50-page workbook full of information, exercises and forms to support you

  • Bonus sheets to help you in your businessn

  • Discounts to other offerings of coaching, Alignment Sessions and courses

  • An experienced and powerful coach and guide to lead you through!

$3600 (payment plans available)