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What's Your New Normal?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We’ve all be challenged with creating our new “normal”. What we got used to as our old normal has been blown to bits. Not only in our physical world, but in our mental, emotional and spiritual spaces too.

The corona-bomb blew up our picture and expectations of what these last few months were going to be like. We are now learning to paint a new picture with different expectations.

I personally didn’t have that much of a change. Other than the gym, coffee shop working spot, and a few dinners and bookstore visits, I was mostly home anyway. I consider myself fortunate because my kids are grown, I’m single, am mostly a virtual business and do a ton of self-development and introspection already.

However, I can really feel for those who had major disruptions. Been there too. I raised my daughters from a very young age as a single Mom and have spent years clearing stuff and coming into my personal power.

As I’m talking with friends and peers, our convo usually involves where we’re going and who we’re BEING, moving through and out of this. Yes, there’s been breakdowns too.

With my own circle, I’m continually inspired how powerful we all are, and how deep we are looking to “lighten up” so we can emerge even better than before.

Yesterday I was back into the gym finally, and even though I had been doing some pretty aggressive weights because I love the feeling of personal strength and meeting my goals, I knew I wouldn’t be working at that level coming back. I was probs about 70% and that was fine because I was present to the perfection of where I was at that point in time.

And I may or may not decide to get go heavy again. I was at 748 lbs. on my leg press and my knees were really starting to feel it.

I’ve also changed some other things:

· Going to the gym little earlier so that I can have more of an evening

· Continuing to cook better meals at home

· Taking a nap if I need one

· Journaling, meditating, or some other form of self-development work every morning

· Dalking (dancing while I’m walking) on my evening walks until its too blasted hot outside

· Connecting with people more regularly

And that’s my point: I get to choose.

Every thing.

Every day.

Choosing who I am being in every second. That’s my new normal. What about you?

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