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What Making Fudge Taught Me

Every year I make fudge at Christmas. Making goodies is a ritual that my girls and I love to do together, and we are usually we are in a hurry to get it all done in one day.

This year I decided to get a head start and make the fudge the day before. And it was different.

Instead of trying to rush through the process and have the sugar get grainy or the texture not quite right, or burning some of it, I took a much more Zen approach.

This time I wanted to take my time and really see how good I could make it. I have a wonderful recipe (which you can get below) and people always ask me to make it for them.

To start, instead of turning the burner on at a higher level and rushing to get the first few ingredients into the pan, I made sure I had all of the ingredients measured and ready to go.

Lesson: Set the stage for transformation to occur.

I turned the pot on low, and started adding the marshmallow creme, butter, sugar, salt and evaporated milk, and SLOWLY let it get warm and come together, steadily stirring and increasing the heat a little at a time when my intuition guided me to.

Lesson: Follow my intuition and nurture the process.

It started to bubble and I set the timer for the 5 minutes of boiling time, continuing to stir the whole time.

The syrup told me that the extra attention was paying off when the golden brown color started to appear and it began to rise in twhe pot. It was time to take it off the heat and add in the chocolate chips and vanilla.

Lesson: Watch the signs to know when to take the next steps—they are there if I pay attention.

As the chips melted and I stirred the chocolaty goodness together, it began to get smooth and shiny. That’s the signal I could pour it into the pan to cool.

Lesson: Rushing and trying to do “spiritual bypasses” may get me to change, but not to real transformation. Transformation allows me to shine.

After I took it out of the fridge, I easily cut it into the delicious squares to enjoy and share with friends. This year’s batch was so creamy and melt-in-my-mouth silky and was my best batch ever!

Lesson: Having patience with the process, taking the time needed, and being present pays off big-time in the end!

I was aligned with the process and created a flow. And I can help you do that too. Click here to set a time to chat and let's see what can flow from there!

Click below to get the recipe:

If you are interested in transformation, then just click on the Let's Talk button below and let's chat!

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