• Jody Owen

The Steps of Transformation

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

As I’m watching how things are now, it struck me that although this is a really hard time, it is also a great opportunity for transformation. I don’t believe this happened by accident and we have been awakened to create new possibilities for the future. When I was a Professional Organizer, here’s what I saw regarding transformation: there are stages. For personal growth as well. Here’s what I mean: Stage 1 Things are working —until they’re not. Then suddenly, the non-working starts to snowball and overwhelm kicks in. This is where I usually get called in for help. This is also an indicator that CHANGE WANTS TO OCCUR, otherwise there wouldn’t be tension. Stage 2 Conscious Clarity. If you try and muddle through and don’t know what you’re moving toward, well, you already know how that ends. Wipeout and spinning in place. So get clear and intentional! Stage 3 Chaos. And lots of it! First it gets worse while we purge the old. Think about when you’re cleaning out a space. Everything is strewn all over, some in piles, some in the trash, some in give-away bags. It’s the same with people. For me, I get really wonky with time and space. I forget appointments, show up late, get tired, am easily overwhelmed and then have an emotional breakdown. I’m constantly working on myself, so I now know my indicators. Look for yours. Stage 4 Choice. Now because you’re clear on what you’re creating, this part is easier with these 2 simple rules for what gets to stay. Anything NOT aligned with this goes!!


* WHAT YOU LOVE—not like, not “ok”, LOVE! (even pens and people)

* WHAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR LIFE TODAY – not yesterday, not a year from now—TODAY!


Stage 5 Integration. You now get to live in the new space of you, and build your routines to help you stabilize this new place of being. Now relate this to our current situation. Old routines, spending habits, values based on outer “appearances” and not inner “being” are being wiped out (i.e., celebs are online in their sweats and no makeup), leaders are showing their true colors (good and bad), families are connecting and CREATING together, and Mother Earth is responding beautifully. We are in the middle of chaos; have you chosen what you want on the other side? More pollution, busy-ness, having material purchases your indicator of worth, or can you grow into BEING an ever more Powerful, Purposeful and Divine Soul who is contributing to the planet like never before? My challenge is to choose to only bring things you love and are aligned with your Soul into your future! And if you need some support, please reach out. I'm offering my Raise Your Vibration Checklist to help you.

Easy peasy!

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