• Jody Owen

Moving Through the Grief of Changing Times

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Dylan sang, “the times they are a changin’” and whew, that so true right now! One thing I have been observing in myself and those I’ve been sharing with, is that we are all moving through the stages of grief. We are grieving the life we once knew, the picture we once had of our life, and our work or business. We will never be the same and I believe that is a good thing. We needed this reset to come back inside to ourselves/Souls, our families and our Source. And this kind of change is FRIGGIN’ HARD! It came up unexpectedly and it is global. Working through world-wide shifts is not for the faint of heart. So how are you transforming through your grief? Remember that grief moves in waves and they are not linear—they bounce around from one to the next until each stage is complete. Here's what my journey has been like: One minute there is shock, denial and anger, then the next minute I’m crying in the shower, throw some fear in there as well (BTW love melts fear), and testing out new ways of being and living, bargaining for the way it used to be and I'm getting to the point of acceptance and moving forward on some levels. I'm journaling like a mad woman, accessing the Akashic Records and reading my cards for insight, and have had some really great breakthroughs. We are all re-awakening our creativity and problem-solving skills, our love for each other, building our community in a whole new way, connecting with those that are losing loved ones from this through empathy, and "tapping in" to our spiritual Selves like never before. And all of that couldn’t happen if it was only a week-long disruption. That would be too easy. We would spring back to what was without the transformation we have needed. Yes, it definitely feels like a boulder that is being pushed up a hill right now, but soon we will invent a new way of getting it to the top that will be so different and so good. Another “giant leap for mankind.” So it is my wish for you that you allow yourself to grieve and go through all the stages with compassion for yourself and everyone, and I’m sending you so much love and light as you reinvent, rediscover and align with your new Self. And if you need some support, please reach out.

Easy peasy!

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