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Are you ready to up your Money Game?

Today is my Financial Friday and I am committed to having a great money game this year.

Some years have been more rocky than others (yeah - 2020....) and it hasn't always been my strongest skillset. NO MORE!

Anyhoo, I decided to clean up my accounting software. I had accounts in there that were closed 8 years ago that I had been keeping open in case of an audit and other stuff that was older than that!

Here's the part I wasn't expecting: As I was deleting the accounts and other info, I started feeling a little teary and sick to my stomach at the same time.

There were old client records (because at the time I used to use this software for both my business and personal accounts), old car loan accounts, stuff dating back to when my daughters were born, etc.

There were also indicators of the bankruptcy I went through and other not-so-great memories associated with that time in my life .

I just started bawling like a baby--I had to move all of those emotions through my body and release them!

And now when I go into that software, all that is there are the current checking and savings and it feels so clean and new and life-giving. Whereas before I had resistance to do work in the software because it felt overwhelming and toxic.


So here's the challenge I have for you:

For this month of March, once a week, take time to do your bookkeeping - categorize your transactions, double check your entries to make sure they are all valid, and if you're really up for it, take a quick peek at your financial reports and spending, and categorize your credit card transactions too.

You can find the 5 easy steps to this challenge on this page.


Great Tip: Last fall I found a great new EASY business accounting software called Wave. It's pretty popular and it replaced my old, clunky, pain in the a** software (initials QB?), and I now it feels like playtime to do my business bookkeeping.

I also created a quick little checklist called Cleaning Up Your Money Clutter that lists 7 ways to up your Money Game. You will find it at the bottom on the Money Challenge page.

I'm excited to see what abundance comes as a result of getting things cleaned up!

Please send me a quick email about your experience, and best wishes as you transform your money game!

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