• Jody Owen

How is this working FOR you?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Notice that I didn't say "for YOU"? Because I want to focus on getting the "you" out of the way and focus on the "for". The Universe/Spirit/God is always working for us. How many times have you looked back and saw where something was moved out of your way to create something better, although it didn't feel like it at the time? Divorces, jobs, friends, etc. How is this time working FOR you? Coming to grips with difficult situations, or perhaps bringing you closer to your friends, family, your "stuff", or your creativity. People are also taking care of things that they kept putting off. The artwork, baking, problem solving, organizing, landscaping, dancing (yea dancing!) and jokes are plentiful. It is a super creative time that we all needed and creativity is one of the most powerful ways of connecting to our soul and life path. And when I say your stuff is coming up, probably in spades, right? Nothing like the a busy schedule to keep us from looking at what's really there for us to heal...until now. So my request is that you take just 10 minutes, right now, to think about how this time is working FOR you and what you want to keep or discard to help you move forward. You always have choice. And if you need some support, please reach out . I'm offering a Pay What You Can option on my LIFE PATH READINGS below as well as my FREE Raise Your Vibration Checklist .

Easy peasy!

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