Passionate About Soulful Alignment

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​Maybe You Can Relate


As I was growing up, I always felt like the black sheep in the family.  I just didn't fit in, and kept hiding my light.  Now I realize that being different is one of my great qualities!

After a LOT of digging and healing, I now embrace all of my gifts, abilities and energy and I want that for you too.  I am on a mission that is 2-fold:

  1. Help others see themselves the way that Spirit sees them - as powerful, purposeful and divine

  2. Make things simple and aligned


​​I believe that we can use the Divine energy/Universe/Spirit in many ways to co-create a powerful and purposeful life.  But we have to be aligned with it and our own Souls!

My Coaching Style

empowering -  aligning


Let's be clear--when I coach, I don't sugarcoat or allow you to lie to yourself.  I will be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest bullshit buster! 


I hold a safe space for your breakdowns and breakthroughs and for your highest good, always! 

My work requires you to be courageous. Because of my intuitive abilities and years of experience, I reach the heart of the matter very quickly.  This is deep, powerful, and intense work and can be uncomfortable.


I'm not a fixer, I'm an opportunity creator. To experience true transformation, you have to be ready to open the space to be coached into another reality about who you are, and how you are showing up.

Here are the areas I focus on:









Are you ready for your journey to begin? 


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I'm so happy you've decided to discover how you can become more of your unique self!

Listen to the  SMB Labs podcast by Jasmine Holmes of 910 West where I talk about alignment:

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How does mindset and past experience influence success?

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