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Is this You?

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  • You are someone that looks good to the outside world, but behind the scenes is a chaotic mess, and you struggle to have the purposeful impact you want

  • Things just feel really hard because they are NOT IN ALIGNMENT with the way you naturally do them

  • You lost sight of who you are BEING (inside and outside of your business or career), because you have sold your soul to your own inner gremlins

  • You are hiding behind a mask of withered confidence, lost hopes and dreams and have become so disillusioned, you don't even know who you are anymore

​Hold on - there's hope!


I'm here to guide you through the breakdowns and celebrate the breakthroughs.
Using my unique set of skills and gifts, we start by fine-tuning your energy sensitivity so you can start to make sense of where things are not aligned.  I am here to create and hold a safe space, and keep reminding you of who you are at the soul level as you explore and re-frame your life.

We will dig into some archetype work because I believe it is easier to understand something when you have some sort of framework to look at.  You won't be boxed in, but can use them as tools to help you understand how you move your energy.

Next we look at your purpose and start chipping away at things that aren't aligned with it, which leads to seeing your triggers and getting some healing around them so you can have a more neutral energy in your relationships.

During this whole process you are healing, transforming, bringing conscious awareness and moving  toward showing up, becoming and BEING your most AUTHENTIC SELF.

And that's where the freedom is!

If you:


  • want a simpler approach to your spiritual and personal growth

  • understand that you're here on a big-ass journey, and would like an experienced guide to help you through it

  • want to clean out the energetic clutter that is causing you to be triggered, mis-aligned, and your time and energy to be sucked away

  • yearn to be more empowered and aligned with your soul as you express your talents, gifts and purpose

then book an call and let's talk about it!

Success Stories

Read about some of my rockstar clients!
Tracie Rollins.jpg

business and life Coach

Jody takes a holistic approach to coaching, ensuring that I focus on the right things not only in my business, but also on my health and personal goals.


A few years ago I would have never imagined that I would need a business coach. After working with Jody my business grew 10x. Simply amazing!


She also helped me with an exit strategy that allowed me to leave the corporate world in less than half the time I had originally planned.

Courtney Long.jpg

Courtney Long, Angel Communicator, Life Purpose Intuitive, Author & Speaker

Business charter

Jody helped me create my Alignment Code, which was life changing for me.


I now have so much more clarity on where my business is heading, what my mission is, and the unique gifts I offer in the world. She helped me realize that I really can bring my authentic self to my business and have FUN, rather than trying to fit into boxes or do things the “right” way.


I’m doing things my own authentic way, and that has created so much more peace, flow and ease for me and my business.

Lisa Jensen.jpg

Lisa Jensen, Talent Acquisition Expert


As a first-time  solopreneur, I struggled with how to incorporate my authentic self into my business identity.  Jody's positive energy and commitment to serving others was evident immediately. 


She can intuitively identify when a veil of false, limiting beliefs is overshadowing breakthrough opportunities for growth.  She incorporates creative tools and exercises to you bring you back to center creating a pathway for you to forge new territory.


 She’s always in your corner, not just because it’s her business to do so. Jody definitely INSPIRES!

Karen Coleman-Ostrov.jpg

Karen Coleman-Ostrov, Dream Vacations

doubled her business

Words cannot describe how valuable Jody has been to me regarding my business and personal achievements and growth.


What I appreciate most is Jody's intuitive and holistic approach to coaching. Her insights are spot on, and as a result I have been able to break through periods of stagnation, get unstuck and move toward my goals with clarity, purpose, and success. She has literally changed my life!


If you want to see positive changes in your life and don't want the typical coach looks at the whole picture, Jody is the coach for you.

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