Business Support Services
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Entrepreneurs and small businesses many times just need a temporary helping hand getting everything done to build and grow their business. 


It seems there just aren't enough hours in the day, you're frustrated that things aren't getting done, and you still have to figure out things that are outside of your wheelhouse!


Perhaps you have tried using a virtual assistant, and that works great for some things, but they didn't have a high enough skill level or the experience you need to really manage a project, think it through, design systems that are sustainable and customized and they haven't had the ability to see and advise on the bigger picture for your business. 

That's where I can help!

The coaching side of my business is to help you grow within yourself so you can be more empowered in how you are showing up in your life and business. And the Business Support Services side of my business helps you move the actionable items to completion.

Here are a few examples of how I can help you:

  • Online Courses - develop online course curriculum, create slide decks, set up and launch on online platforms


  • Systems and Processes -  to support client on-boarding and engagement and other internal processes, create welcome kits, worksheets, checklist, flyers and other supporting documents, hiring assistance and team handbook development


  • Websites - Project Management and liaison between company and website developer making sure all pieces are done correctly, timely and on-brand, update and reformat current website pages

  • Miscellaneous Tasks - research, software comparisons, clean up url lists (cull and make sure payments are set up properly for automatic renewals), etc.


  • Events - planning and coordination, systems development and checklists for future events

  • Associations and Groups -  bylaws review and updates, board position reviews, create position responsibilities documents and build templates for reports


I have a number of 5-hour blocks available each week, so we discuss what you need done and how I can help you, then you purchase one or more blocks of time each week.  I'll start working on your projects once I have received payment.

You purchase weekly 5-hour blocks as needed and available.


We can set up weekly auto renewal so you never have to worry about projects being delayed due to non-payment and you get priority on the hours.  Please provide one week's notice to cancel.

I never "own" anything I do for you.  I will use your storage resources to download anything created for you, so you will need to grant me access, or I can just email them to you and you can store them yourself.

I will clearly communicate with you regarding status and timelines. You will get a weekly status update of projects and we will have virtual meetings regarding project details.

My office hours are 9am - 3pm Arizona time, Monday through Thursday, and Friday mornings 9-11.

Rush items will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, depending on other priorities. 


I don't do bookkeeping or data entry projects or build websites from scratch (unless they are one page websites) - you can find lots of resources to do those elsewhere.

What you are hiring is a higher level of business expertise, consulting and technical skills that can help you scale and grow your business. 


My fee is $50/hour and I look forward to helping you get stuff done!