Alignment Reset Sessions
White Sand and Stone

Feeling like you just need someone to SEE you, support your growth, provide honest feedback and help you get clarity around something?

There are times when we all just need a guide to help us through.

I can help!


​I'm here to help you:

  • See things with more clarity - whether its a life situation or something in your soulful business, let's get to the source and see it with a new perspective and clear distinctions

  • Get truthful - I will hold a safe space for you to be able to get to the truth of an issue, embrace your responsibility around it and move ahead

  • Clear and release - if something needs to be cleared, I will guide and assist you in that process


  • Develop a path forward - once things are cleared, there needs to be a new path forward and I will help you establish that

  • Create flow - when things are working well, there is an energy flow; I quickly and easily feel into the path to make sure it is flowing and give feedback where it is not

  • Establish touchstones - it's important to establish touchstones to help you stay aligned so I will guide you through the establishment of those

Find a Way

That's what these sessions are for -  to find a way (or several ways).

We get to the heart of the matter, do the work and get back into alignment.  We can work on a personal situation or something inside of your heartful business, or both.

Here are some examples of things we can shift:



  • You keep getting triggered at a person or circumstance

  • You feel like there is something more that you need  to know or do and can't seem to connect with it and it's driving you nuts

  • Recurring patterns that aren't serving you

  • Loss of personal power in a situation

  • Your energy is off and you can't source why on your own



  • There are continual communication breakdowns

  • Processes and systems aren't easy or consistently used

  • You can't get excited about your offerings

  • Team members aren't on board

  • You don't have a big picture view of things

  • Out of integrity with customers or your money

  • You don't know how to think bigger or see yourself as growing/more "successful"

Each session is 3 hours, and if it is a quick-solve issue, we can do a 90 minute session.

Be courageous and let's get you back to feeling good about things!